MTM Case-Gard RF22 Series 22 Round Short Magnum Ammunition Box, Smoke

$2.95 RETAIL

The MTM Case-Gard RF22 is perfect for carrying ammunition in an organized way, and without wasting space, as is often the case with factory boxes. Also perfect for handloaders, who need boxes to store their creations in. The RF22 holds 22 rifle cartridges safe from deformation, and without wasting space, ready to be used in the field as soon as you need them. Your ammunition will stay safe and dry in these 22 round flip top ammo boxes made from polypropylene. They are designed for the new short magnums and the large ultra magnums and will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract.

Manufacturer Item Number: RF22-SM-41

UPC: 026057224411

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Condition New